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Pilot debate: Identity politics

Some time ago as part of a series of discussions put on by the Blackheath Philosophy Forum we ran a pilot project to test interest in discussing issues at the intersection of politics and civilization online. To get things going, I posted a series of articles indicting identity politics, an ideology that has become hugely influential throughout the Western world, including education at all levels, the media, politics and the corporate sector.

I invited all members of the Blackheath Philosophy Forum to respond on this website, eliciting a good debate with a range of viewpoints expressed and many carefully considered contributions - and not a single case of the ad hominem abuse so endemic to online discourse these days.

I belatedly posted the final article in the set, that supported the claim that identity politics threatens core valuable features of the civilization we inhabit, in November 2019. You can read it here.

A linked index to the full set of articles appears below. All the articles remain open for comments or more detailed responses. The debate so far can be viewed in a variety of graphical forms, including an outline treeview and radial graph and more.

Scroll down for information about how to join in or follow the proceedings as they unfold, including daily or weekly digests or immediate alerts when anything is posed.

Incidentally I strongly recommend Douglas Murray's brilliant new book dissecting identity politics The Madness of Crowds - check out the author interview below.

Index to identity politics articles by Peter Baldwin

J'Accuse identity politics a short overview that summarizes the five-count indictment

Count 1: Identity politics is racist

  1. The progressive obsession with race
  2. Pauline Hanson and the strange 'It's OK to be white' debate
  3. Actually, it's not OK to be white
  4. Licensed vilification
  5. So, how is this not racist?
  6. Identity politics goes full Nazi
  7. Conclusion: How to foment a race war

Count 2: Identity politics is the enemy of free speech

  1. A new, more perfect totalitarianism
  2. It couldn't happen here though, could it?
  3. The return of arbitrary power
  4. The James Damore case and Google's ideological monoculture
  5. How did things get to this point?
  6. Conclusion: The end of the long march

Count 3: Identity politics harms the oppressed

  1. Ideology over consequences
  2. Black Lives Matter and other catastrophes
  3. Indigenous Australia and the Culture Cult
  4. The politics of suffering
  5. Conclusion: Breaking the silence

Count 4: Identity politics is profoundly reactionary

  1. Culturalisms of Left and Right
  2. Imprisoned by culture
  3. The leftist Counter Enlightenment
  4. A grandiose political miscarriage
  5. Conclusion: A thought experiment

Count 5: Identity politics threatens civilization as we know it posted 22 Nov 2019

  1. Summary
  2. Does Western civilization even exist?
  3. The tyranny of guilt
  4. Fear and loathing at Sydney Uni: The Ramsay debate
  5. From free inquiry to academic monoculture
  6. The compromising of Western academia I
  7. Sanctioning slavery and rape
  8. The compromising of Western academia II
  9. Forbidden questions
  10. No comparing civilizations, we're a university!
  11. The smorgasbord theory of civilizations
  12. Two incompatible conceptions of human rights
  13. Civilizations collide in Europe
  14. The erosion of norms
  15. The great disconnect
  16. Free speech imperiled
  17. Conclusion: Those who the gods would destroy they first make mad

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