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Welcome to Blackheath Philosophy Forum. Some years ago a group of us had the bizarre idea of organizing public discussion forums on philosophical topics in the small Blue Mountains town of Blackheath (about 110 km west of Sydney).We feared we might get three people and a dog - but so many came we had to move to a bigger hall. Fifteen years later we are still going strong...

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Our 2017 program consists of nine talks. It started on Saturday April 8 and will conclude on Saturday July 22.

All talks start at 4pm on Saturday afternoon and are held at Blackheath Community Centre Hall, corner of Gardiner Crescent and the Great Western Highway, Blackheath, (across the road from the railway station). Admission $10, which includes afternoon tea. All welcome!

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Upcoming events

Our next forum will be on Saturday 17 June. Our speaker Simon Lumsden (Senior Lecturer, University of NSW) will challenge the idea that reason and good argument play the central role in shaping societal norms and values.

This will be followed one week later on Saturday 24 June with a talk on the paradoxes of time travel that led Isaac Asimov to conclude that time travel is “flatly impossible”. Our speaker Nick Smith (Professor of Philosophy, Sydney University) will dispute this claim.

Check the program page for more information.

Online debate: Politics, Civilization and the Enlightenment Legacy

This year’s program began with four talks on the Enlightenment, the “revolution of the mind” that transformed European and North American civilization in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A wide spectrum of views were presented, from vigorous defence of the Enlightenment legacy to strong critiques of it both from traditional conservative and postmodern perspectives.

We have decided to use the online medium to continue this debate in much greater depth and detail. We hope that this will open up a much broader discussion of where Western civilization is heading in the medium to long term and how current political decisions and debates bear on this. Our plan is to involve people from a variety of backgrounds in this discussion, not just academic philosophers and political scientists.

If you are interested in participating please register on the Politics and Civilizationpage.

Thanks to the Family First Credit Union and the Blackheath Area Neighbourhood Centre for their continuing support.

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